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Group Courses on Studio Lighting Techniques
This course is runs once a month and is aimed to help photographers new to studio work gain an insight into the vaious ways you can use lighting to produce a variety of effects not just in the studio environment but with portable lighting kits on location or in the home. Advice will also be given on best practises on marketing, information on quality suppliers of equipment etc, including a discount vouchers in your pack to redeem to get yourself started. This course caters for up to six photographers and runs for a full day. Includedis the tuition, models fees, example marketing leaflets, lunch, refreshments and advice on the genres of photography you can promote your new skills. You will be suplied with information on the essential equipment you will need to get started and where to source it, and the opportunity to put into practice your new skills with the model on a one to one shoot which will be critic by the qualified proessional photographer present in order to present you with a certificate of achievement which you may display with pride