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Glamouur & Glamour Fashion Photography
This course is designed to give the photographer an insight into creating stunning glamour and glamour fashion images. The photographer can expect to receive guidance and advice on how to work witha model, create the appropriate lighting for this style of shot. The session will last approximately 4 hours in which the photographer will have the opportunity to shoot continuously with a model.
Learn how to work with a model, set a scene and light a shot to create boudoir images. The photographer will receive tips ahd guidance into creating a boudoir look that will translate through the images produced. The course wiil run for 4 hours and will include professional advice and an experienced model.
Boudoir Photography
The Tasteful Art Nude course will enable the photographer to experience art nude photography under the guidance of a professional photographer with an experienced model.The photographer will gain experience in high and low key lighting techniques and special effects lighting to create dramatic 'body art' images.Each model on this course is very experienced in this style of shot, enamelling you to create stunning images .The model and professional photographer aim to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to encourage learning. This course is approximately 4 hours and will include the professional photographer's advice throughout
Tasteful Art Nudes