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Studio Courses, Introduction
Each course can be tailored to meet the photographer's needs. All courses are tutored by a qualified photographer in a soberly equipped studio, and include instruction in lighting techiquues.
We offer courses in Studio Basics, Portrait and Fashion Photography, Glamour and Glamour Fashion Photography, Boudoir Photography and Tasteful Art Nudes.
The photographer can expect to receive one to one tuition on various styles of shots, with advice on best practice for lighting and model positioning to achieve professional images.Only experienced models will be provided for the courses. The photographer will need to bring their own camera to the shoot. We aim to help each photographer to build on their skills in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning
This course is designed to give the photographer an introduction into the world of studio work. The content of this course will include guidance into styling shots, the use of studio lighting plus techniques and working with an experienced model in a professional studio.
Studio Basics Course
This is a practical course and will run for approximately 3 hour, giving the photographer the opportunity to experiment with shots and lighting using a model under the guidance of a qualified photographer
This course is desingned to help photographers with their styling and shooting techniques in portrait and fashion photography, providing them with the opportunity to work with a model on portrait and full length shots. You can expect to receive tip on the best lighing techniques to utilise with this style of shooting.The course will run for approximately 4 hours and is practically based
Portrait & Fashion Photography